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In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation 2018, before submitting this form please refer to our Privacy Notice explaining what information we require, how we use your personal information and how we securely store and destroy it.

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  • How do I apply for care during term time?
    To enrol your child/children at MACS for care, please complete our Parent Enquiry Form. Once we receive your enquiry form, the manager of your selected project will contact you to confirm what care we are able to provide. If you have requested care to commence in the following term, we will contact you around January to confirm the care we are able to provide. If we are able to offer you care at MACS, we will email you with an offer letter which will include details of your offer and links to complete registration forms and contract terms and conditions. Prior to you child/children commencing care with MACS we will require the following: -All relevant online paperwork complete -A registration fee paid -Induction visits complete
  • Is there a minimum number of days I can use?
    Yes, customers must use a minimum of 2 days per week, per service (i.e., 2x breakfast club and/or 2x after school sessions.) Holiday care provided does not incur minimum number of days.
  • Do you offer a service during holidays?
    MACS offer holiday care throughout school holidays, operating from venues within Newton Mearns and Clarkton areas, depending on demand of care. Holiday care can be offered to children who are in P1-P7. If you would like to enrol your child at MACS for holiday care, please complete our Parent Enquiry Form. If your child already uses one of our MACS services and you're interested in MACS holiday care, contact us. Holiday care can be booked by completing our online booking forms. These are emailed to our customers at the beginning of the month prior to any school holiday commencing.

If you are a current client and you would like to apply for additional care please contact us

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